Transcript:  Commander Nigel 'Sharkey' Ward 


12820/4 Commander Nigel 'Sharkey' Ward
As I saw this second Mirage being knocked down, or nearly knocked down, I then thought 'Christ, watch your six o'clock Sharkey' and I was still in the hard turn all the time. I looked round and there was this Mirage passing underneath me, beautiful colours in camouflage. Starting from behind and going towards ahead and all I had to do was pull down hard because I was only at about three hundred feet anyway. I pulled down hard and he was right on the deck and he didn't stand a chance because I got in behind him and fired my missile. It hit basically, a full motor burn out and the whole Mirage exploded and I could see what looked like for example the right wing cart-wheeling along the deck and I thought definitely that guy didn't get out. I could swear to God that guy didn't get out, but he did. He must have seen the missile coming again and ejected, but at this stage he was about, I suppose not very far away, half a mile. I didn't see that, being directly behind. All I saw was a great gout of flame, then all these flaming pieces catapulting into the ground and along the ground. That was very exciting, so we got two confirmed kills much to the delight of the boys in San Carlos.