John Singer Sargent: Gassed

John Singer Sargent: Gassed
IWM ART 1460

John Singer Sargent, born in 1854 to American parents, was a famous society artist. In May 1918 he was commissioned to create one of the centrepieces for the Hall of Remembrance scheme.

Sargent travelled to France with fellow artist Henry Tonks in July 1918. The original theme of his commission was Anglo-American cooperation, but his final work was inspired by witnessing victims of a mustard gas attack at a dressing station at Le Bac-du-Sud. The men in Gassed are helpless, depending on the closeness of their comrades and the direction of medical orderlies towards treatment and recovery. They appear vulnerable, yet the scene is made to seem relatively commonplace by the uninterrupted football match in the background.

1919, 2310 mm x 6111 mm

This item is on display at Imperial War Museum London.

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